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HANLAW Consulting Group
HANLAW Consulting was founded in the bustling city of Shanghai, China in the year 2001 as a platform to support both foreign and local businesses in their rapid growth as future market leaders.
Shanghai is the apex of Asia’s growth even before the turn of the century, with bountiful natural and human resources; she is the gateway to China’s lively but fragmented commercial sector.Since 2001, HANLAW Consulting has grown to be a multi-national corporation with 6 subsidiaries and a record annual profit of 1 million USD in 2005. We have a clientele base of more than 5000 local and foreign enterprises, forming a strong alliance necessary for optimizing business opportunities.
Our scope of services is centralized on building and sustaining business growth, coupled with a strong background in the Chinese Law, we aim to be the leader in China in providing relevant and practical business consulting to both flourishing and budding enterprise from all sectors.
HANLAW Consulting now has a group of legal advisors in the core of our management team, many of whom are still practicing lawyers specializing in commercial and criminal law. Our CEO, Chanse Yu is a practicing lawyer experienced in commercial law and has associates from all over the world. Surrounding this core team is our group of consultants with their respective specializations, managing each service arm with a collective experience of more than 50 years of business management in China.
HANLAW Consulting believes in building long term relationship based on integrity and trust; it is to this aim that we always seek to be the loyal and reliable partner in China.

HANLAW Consulting begins as a legal consultancy firm, since then we have expanded our scope of specialization through acquisitions and engaging practicing professionals from the executive market. Only the best among us are allowed to provide service to you.
Our choice of competency acquisitions are based on our belief in providing the most up-to-date and relevant service to the clients. We now offer a full range of services from establishing new business to corporate risk management. Please take a minute to read our complete list of service below.
Our principles
•  Quick Response
Any enquiries from overseas investors can receive quick response from us.
•  Perfect Services
We provide one-stop service to foreign investors who intend to start companies or factories in China especially in Shanghai.
For new businesses or businesses expanding into China
  • Consultation on business model, business type and the accompanying legal considerations necessary for new set-ups in China (including Hong Kong and Macau).
  • Research on the Chinese market according to geographical position, industry, products and services, competitors, government, etc.
  • Consultation on the government policies, regulations, the legal system and cross border considerations like the culture and practices.
  • Registration and establishment of all business entities for local and overseas clients.
  • Handling of all accounting, book-keeping and auditing processes.
  • Sourcing of locations for physical offices, factories and retail shop.
  • Provides comprehensive range of virtual office services with registered address, personal secretarial and interpreting/translating services, appointment of local representatives (in which one of our staff represents you), etc.
  • Consultation and registration of trademarks and patents.
  • Sourcing services for collaborative partners, suppliers, buyers and products.
  • Application for export and import licenses.
  • Investigation on Chinese businesses (crucial if you are planning a Joint Venture or a collaboration with a local business).
  • Consultation on the legal structure for businesses, including contracts, tax, employment, legal protection, etc.
  • Dispute settlement and prosecution.
  • Appointing legal consultant to represent your business.
  • Investigation on individuals.
For established businesses in China
  • All the above services.
  • Audit on legal structure of business.
  • Consultation on legal structure.
  • Risk assessment and management consultation.
  • Appointment of a dedicated legal consultant for business or on project basis.
  • Dispute settlement with government agencies.
  • Legal translation or interpretation.
International Service
We service for economic development organization (or Alliance). We help these economic development alliances attract investment from China. We’ll seek investors and arrange the meeting between them and our foreign clients. Also, we provide consultation to the investors as their requirement. As the agent of our foreign clients, our office couldbe used by our foreign clients when they come to China, and we can arrange their business trip in China and provide translation service.
Our oversea clients come from various countries and regions including the United States, UK, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, South Korea, Japan etc.. We will meet your request with our superior service.
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